20 Liters Program Report – November 2017

December 14, 2017

Posted by Victor, Water Program Manager

Dear Friends,

Greetings. I am pleased to share this monthly update for November where God has really been good to us. He provided enough rainwater and put in the heart of recipients the will of contribution to the work and they joined volunteers in performing some activities. Some of my colleagues went on leave but I thank God, we were able to do far beyond what we expected and thank you to you all for your prayers and support.


20 Liters Program Report – November 2017

During the month of November 2017, Gashora water team volunteers worked very hard to take advantage of the rain, catch up with the delay observed in the dry season, and get ahead so that they will not fall behind during the harvest in December and January, as many of them are farmers. With this, they distributed the highest record of 488 household filters to families in villages within the Mwendo cell. This was achieved with the support of recipients who were eager to receive their filters and joined volunteers to sift and wash sand which allowed the team to assemble far more filters than usual. As always, distributions were accompanied by trainings on filter maintenance, hygiene and sanitation.

Home visits were conducted with 536 households in the sectors of Gashora, Mwogo and Juru during November. Additional visits were conducted in Ntarama, Gahanga and Masaka by volunteers, but not formally recorded. From these home visits, a few issues were found in Juru and Gashora related to cracked filters. Project technicians are following up on these issues to determine the cause and create solutions.

Construction of a Rain Water Harvest System was also begun at the Catholic Church of Gashora in Mwendo cell. Once completed, the system will serve close to 550 nearby homes.

Finally, project staff conducted a meeting with volunteers, pastors and local leaders in Gashora to thank them for their commitment to the success of the water project and gather feedback on the progress of the project in their community. Several attendees shared testimonies of the benefits of the filters to their families.

Bernard of the Ramiro cell remarked that there was much improvement in the health of him and his family. They used to suffer from waterborne diseases but since they received the filter, those illnesses have disappeared. Bernard lives next to the health clinic, and the clinic director also spoke about the immediate improvement in health. He jokingly remarked that in a short time the project has significantly reduced the number of clients at the clinic and that because of the improvement in health, the clinic staff would lose their jobs.

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