20 Liters Program Report – January 2018

February 13, 2018

Posted by Victor, Water Program Manager


It my pleasure to share this narrative report of the activities performed in January. I feel encouraged by seeing how our volunteers are committed to serve their community and the impact their work makes in the lives of Rwandans. My God continue to bless our friends overseas who support us to implement this project in different ways.


20 Liters Program Report – January 2018

During the month of January 2018, the Gashora water team continued to assemble filters and filters were distributed to 160 homes in Kabuye and Karizingi villages. In general, this activity is going very well, recipients are happy for the filters they receive and volunteers have many testimonies of the impact water filters make to the lives of Gashora population.

Additionally, home visits were performed in all sectors with a focus in the Gashora Sector to make sure that recipients understand well, from the beginning, how to maintain filters and share clean water with their neighbors. In total 314 homes were visited by water team volunteers and no major issues were found.

A SAM2 Community Filter has been assembled and installed at the Kagasa Primary School in Kagasa village this month. This school was not on the initial plan but resources became available to support an additional placement. The installed filter will serve a community of 1,049 population composed by school children and staff. This community used to drink water from the surrounding river. The head of the school hopes to see changes and impact to the children because of this filter. Also, a Rain Water Harvesting System was built at the Pentecostal Church of Bidudu village, and will serve approximately 258 households of the neighborhood of the church building.

As was first reported in the December report, we continued to support project volunteers with the provision of bicycles to aid in performing home visits and being able to provide support in a timely manner to families requesting support. This time, it was the turn of 34 Gashora volunteers and they were all excited to have bikes for their daily activities and to continue serve the community.

 Finally, During the reporting period, the Project Technical Officer, Didace Munyemana and I attended a training on urban rain water harvesting technologies organized by the Center for Science and Environment in collaboration with WaterAid Rwanda and the Ministry of Infrastructure. I also attended a workshop on Neglected Tropical Diseases organized by the Ministry of Health through the Rwanda Biomedical Center. The main recommendation of the workshop was to join efforts to resolve WASH issues, as most of the Neglected Tropical Diseases are caused by lack of clean and safe water and poor proper hygiene practices.

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