20 Liters Program Report – February 2018

March 13, 2018

Posted by Victor, Water Program Manager

Greetings Dear Friends,

In this February, we have been blessed with rain once more and we do not take this for granted. With this, I spent most of the time on the field, working together with volunteers in visiting homes and building cistern and I was encouraged for the commitment of the volunteers and the impact their work is making. May our Lord continue to bless all of you who pray and support this Project.



20 Liters Program Report – February 2018

During the month of February 2018, the Gashora water team focused on sifting and washing sand taking advantage of the rain we have had, rather than focus on filter distribution. The goal was to have enough prepared sand so that in March and the following months the distribution can be fast and include slow sand filters which require much more sand than SAM3 Filters. These activities were supported with additional volunteers from other Sectors. After volunteers complete necessary farming activities at the beginning of March, the distribution process will resume at a normal pace.

Our volunteers also conducted home visits this month. Including training for Gashora sector volunteers as they begin to conduct their first visits. Project staff joined the volunteers in Gashora to visit homes, check filters and collect stories to be shared. In total, 458 homes were visited across the sectors of Gashora, Juru, Mwogo, and Ntarama. No significant issues were found, although volunteers in Gashora observed a need to emphasize hygiene trainings to improve health.

Project Staff also met with leaders in Rilima sector to talk about the planned implementation in the coming months in the sector. 192 representatives met for a one-day meeting to discuss the criteria for household beneficiary selection, responsibility for activities, timelines, and other plans for implementing water activities in the sector. These representatives were local leaders, community health workers, volunteers, and pastors from the Church Network Committee. It was agreed that a village leader, community health worker and a village volunteer will develop a plan of selecting beneficiaries according each village targets and within 2 weeks, the team will submit a list of selected beneficiaries for approval by Sector Leaders and the Church Network Committee.

In addition, a SAM2 Community Filter has been assembled and installed at the Karera Primary school in Mataba village in the Rilima Sector. This is the first of the planned Community Filters in the Rilima Sector. The school serves 1,685 children (859 girls and 826 boys) and like other schools in the area, its main source of water is nearby lakes and swamps.

Our volunteers also completed a Rain Water Harvesting System in February. It was built at the Adventist church of Ramiro, in Rweru II village, Gashora Sector to serve approximately 78 households of the neighborhood of the church building.

We were also able to conclude activity on the initiative to supply bicycles to volunteers. This month, the final 19 volunteers received their bikes. They are ever grateful of the support.

Finally, Project Staff have been researching the availability of additional supplies that can be purchased locally to build filter technologies to continue to reduce the cost of producing filters. In particular, staff have been able to source buckets that meet initial needs and that available in the Eastern Africa Region. Additional work will need to be completed by technical advisors to further investigate specifications of the buckets to decide if they meet required standards.

For additional details, check out our interactive program map!

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