Walk for Water

Sometimes your heart speaks loudest through your feet.

Chances are, you’ve never had to think about where your next glass of clean water is coming from. Yet nearly 800 million of the world’s poorest people think about it every day, as they travel great distances to collect it from the nearest river or swamp. This simply isn’t right.

If you’re passionate about creating access to clean water for those without it, you can help by doing something you do every day—walking. Start by joining an already-scheduled Walk for Water or start one in your own community. Either way, we’ll help you take the first step.

Fundraising is easy. Simply login or create an account. Then set up your fundraising page and begin raising support for your walk by sharing your fundraising page with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail



What can you do to help those without access to clean water? Give money? Start a fundraiser? Raise awareness though walking? How about all three?

Walk for Waters:

Date: Saturday, May 17 2014
Time: 10:30am
Site: Metamora Community Park
More info: www.metamoraumc.com/upcoming-events/

Start Your Own Walk for Water:

Don't see a walk scheduled in your area? Host Your Own