Sand and Membrane Filters [SAM]

When children are dying from water-related diseases every 20 seconds—every second counts.

So we’re striving to exponentially increase our impact and provide 73,500 people with access to clean water in just 3 years. How will we do that? By introducing a new, more efficient filtration model into our lineup.

Available as both a small household filter for a single family’s use, as well as a larger, high-capacity filter for schools and health clinics, the 2-stage Sand and Membrane [SAM] filter model not only removes more bacteria than ever before, but is quicker and easier to install—making it possible to provide more people with access to clean water in a shorter amount of time.

Here’s how they work:

The smaller SAM 3 filter is made up of two 5-gallon buckets. The upper bucket has 2 inches of course sand and 4 inches of fine sand that acts as a sand filter, filtering out sediment, worm cysts, and parasites. The water then flows into the bucket below where it is filtered through a .2 micron hollow fiber filter which removes virtually all bacteria. It is a case of slow-sand filter technology that has been used since the days of the Romans meeting up with the new technology of the 21st century. What’s more? They’re also our most cost-efficient model yet, coming in at only $100 for materials, training, and on-going follow-up.

What’s the difference between the SAM 2 and 3 models, then? SAM 2’s feature the same concept of 2-stage filtering, but are larger high-capacity models, which cost $2000 per unit (for materials, training, and on-going follow-up) and are able to provide clean water for approximately 400 people for 10 years.

How can you take part?

Set up a fundraiser and sponsor a unit, or simply give now.

Fund A Filter

SAM 3 filters cost only $100 for materials, training, and follow-up, and can provide access to clean water for 1 family for up to 10 years. Our high-capacity SAM 2 models cost $2000 for materials, training, and follow-up, and provide access to clean water for 400 people for up to 10 years.

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