Keeping It Local

The hope for a better Rwanda is the people of Rwanda. That’s why we started our work by listening to local leaders share the problems they face, and have continued working with them ever since. Our goal is to equip people from Rwandan communities facing clean water issues to be the solution to the very issues that surround them.

Following Up + Evaluating To Ensure Sustainability

An unfortunate story in the water sector is that despite the best intentions, many of the solutions that are placed in communities end up getting broken over time, and often go un-fixed. The reasons for this vary, but we know one way to avoid this is through follow-up. That’s why at 20 Liters—installation is the beginning, not the end of the story. Following a filter’s installation, our Monitoring Team follows up with each beneficiary at least 4 times within the first 2 years to ensure that they are using their filter correctly and consistently, and that each filter and rainwater harvesting system is working properly. We also do water quality tests where we check the water going into and out of the filters to make sure that the filters are not only removing things like worms, amoebas, and parasites, but also Coli Form and E Coli.

Working Together

We believe that when organizations come together, they can accomplish much more than they ever would on their own. So we partner with other water organizations, such as Aqua Clara International to continually push clean water technology forward. Our long-term partnership with World Relief Rwanda has also been a key component to our growth. Their church networks have enabled us to effectively reach those most in need and we partner directly with their programs that address Health and Hygiene, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, and Economic Development as a way to further educate and care for filter recipients.

Taking A Simple, Cost-Effective Approach

Access to clean water shouldn’t be reserved for only those who can afford it. So we are constantly working on ways to maintain and increase effectiveness while reducing cost. Because lower cost solutions mean more people have access to clean water. People that can’t wait for large infrastructure to be put in place. People that are dying every 20 seconds while waiting for the answer. So what’s our answer? Simple solutions like household filters and rain-water harvesting systems that put the power of making dirty water clean in the hands of poor households.

Making An Impact Locally, As Well As Globally

Water is something we all have in common and we believe it is important to care for and protect this resource not only in Rwanda, but also in the places we all call home. So we encourage water conservation through our Water Challenge and have begun to focus on making dirty water clean right where we live by participating in Clean Up events for local water sources.

The Hope For Rwanda Is Its People

So we empower the local people through training programs that equip them to lead and empower others in their community.