Moving Forward Together

2013 is off to a fast start at 20 Liters, and to kick it off we’d like to share with an update on our expansion into the province of Gahanga. Gahanga is located west of Masaka, where we’ve been focusing the majority of our efforts over the past 4 years. This expansion is exciting, not only because it signifies our near completion of our work in Masaka but also because it’s the first outward step we are taking in our 3-year-plan to provide access to clean water to over 87,000 people in Rwanda.

So here it goes:

In January 2013, we installed a rainwater system in the Gahanga Catholic Church compound so that the Gahanga Water Team would have water to wash sand. This particular system was constructed by the Rwandans who will be leading the construction efforts for 3 other rainwater systems this June. Shifting the construction work entirely over to the Rwandans signifies a major change in our program, and we’re excited about moving forward together in this way.

On this trip, we also celebrated 6 new members being added to the Gahanga Water Team, which brings the total up to 11. In addition, the efforts of the 5 existing members were recognized by conferring onto them certificates that documented their training. This document is valued highly in their community and it was a joy to be a part of each member’s growth and training.

Finally, 31 new filters were distributed into the community, and 30 home visits were made to check on filters that had been placed and make sure all were working to satisfaction.

Overall it was a great trip and we look forward to further work in this region, as we work to provide the 15,164 people of Gahanga with access to clean water.

Growing Into Gahanga

Gahanga is located across the river from  Masaka, where we’ve been focusing the majority of our efforts over the past 4 years.