Double The Difference

In December, 20 Liters received an email from a soldier that stopped our staff in its tracks and we’re not ashamed to say, welled up a tear or two. We’d like to share what Lieutenant James wrote with you.

“I want to request that you double my recurring gift. Ever since I returned from my combat deployment in Afghanistan, and having been transitioning from soldier to a citizen again, I am feeling a greater need to continue to give more of myself, than what I have done so previously.

When I was in Afghanistan, the things I saw there opened my eyes to the plight and suffering of people who do not live as fortunately as you or I. Suffering not as a result of the War on Terror but just in basic, everyday human needs such as having enough food to eat, warm clothes to wear in the winter, and clean water to drink and cook with. I honestly never gave much thought to a life lived without having water clean enough to drink, cook, or wash with, until I went to Afghanistan. What I saw there was enough to break my heart. Which is why I feel I need to be giving more of my money so that a greater difference can be made for those in need. And until I leave the Army for good and return home where I hope to have a more active role with 20 Liters, this is the best I feel I can do right now.”

Stories like these truly inspire us. People awaking to the need for clean water in the world and stepping up to meet it… that’s what our organization is about. Thank you, Lieutenant for your service and generosity. And thank you to the many of you that continually give so that the 1 in 8 without clean water might have access to it. Together, we can make a difference.

If you’d like to join Lieutenant James in making a difference through giving, please donate now. As little as $20 can provide 1 person with access to clean water for up to 10 years.


Increase Your Impact

Join Lieutenant James in making a difference through giving by donating now. As little as $20 can provide 1 person with access to clean water for up to 10 years.

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